Studies have found that the far-infrared emitted by graphene is closer to the far-infrared spectrum of the human body, concentrated between 6 and 14um. The far-infrared in the modified area is known as the "light wave of life", which can play a deeper health care effect on the human body.

When our Graphene heating far infrared device is connected to a DC-5V power supply, it emits far infrared wavelengths which go through our custom made Advanced Patches into the skin, managed by a multi level intelligent regulator.  

It radiates 6 to 14 um far-infrared light energy waves which can reach 16 cm deep into the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in a phenomenon of molecular miniaturization, which then activates cells, promotes tissue regeneration, and excretes body waste through sweat and urine.

Radiation: up to 87% radiation rate;
Penetration: Penetrates 16 cm of subcutaneous tissue and can penetrate clothing;
Resonance: 286000 times per second, reaching the subcutaneous tissue.